Exceptional Third Party Administrator…

World-class health care, at reasonable costs. Transparent accounting and detailed reports. Creativity in processing claims and forecasting expenses. All this and more… Welcome to “ASAS” Third Party Administration Company.

We Understand You?

Every Client has his own Vision, Program and Goals.

We understand that every client has his own vision, program and goals, and we recognize and respect that. All of our values are about respect for the client and the service provider, and we are certain that the only way to succeed is to seek a win-win situation for all.
With a state-of-the-art technological solutions platform and a team of experts, we seek to optimize the management of your medical expenses, with faster processing of all types of claims, in order to guarantee the rights of all parties, in the shortest possible time.
We are committed to everything we say… We have the knowledge and experience to deliver on our promises.

The Power of Information…

Accurate Data for Better Management

We believe that the value of data is greatest when it produces accurate information that improves processing methods. Behind each of our services is a database that is periodically analyzed to improve that service and develop the way it is delivered. We strive to find advanced ways to analyze data in our quest for greater efficiency, without compromising the privacy of our clients’ data.

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