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Unique expenses management. Decisions made for the benefit of the client first and foremost. World-class health care, at reasonable costs. Transparent accounting and detailed reports. Creativity in processing claims and forecasting expenses.
All this and more… Welcome to “ASAS” Third Party Administration Company.

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To achieve fluid and fast communication between all parties in order to create a win-win relationship.
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Provider’s Network

You can choose any doctor, clinic, pharmacy, analysis laboratory and medical imaging center, and other health service providers in our network of providers nearest your residence..

Approval Request

If the provision of the health service requires the approval of the company or the employer, the service provider can contact us through this service in real-time and receive the appropriate response as soon as possible..

Download Forms

Through this service, you can download multiple forms for your claims from the company’s website such as a claim form, a pre-approval request form and other important forms..

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The best competitively priced healthcare with a highly efficient management service for all claims and administrative procedures, without any effort or lost time..

You have chosen the right company.
Our company “ASAS” is a leading Third Party Administrator (TPA).. We help companies that want to provide the best healthcare to their employees with optimal management of the budget dedicated to this care.. We use state-of-the-art technology to save time, money and improve access to the best health services.

Our philosophy…

A win-win relationship for all parties

The company’s philosophy is to achieve a win-win and sustainable relationship between all parties in the healthcare equation, by dealing with the best and most trustworthy healthcare providers, getting the best deals in terms of quality and cost, and then facilitating customers’ access to these services as quickly as possible and dealing with them in the simplest way. Finally, ensure that all claims are processed quickly and transparently with the latest technology, with the help of a team of experts, to enable payment of expenses to service providers as quickly as possible and to compensate employees for all the expenses they have incurred, if necessary.

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World-class health care, at reasonable costs

Providing the right care doesn’t mean costs have to be completely out of control. That’s why “ASAS” provides you with a set of highly advanced technology solutions to enable your company to get the results it needs and the care your employees deserve.

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Crisis management..

Health care during the epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world of work upside down. It has had an astonishing effect on the employment, livelihoods and well-being of workers and their families, as well as on companies around the world. Many of these companies have suffered heavy losses in the health insurance of their employees and their families. Adding to this is the lack of health services in many countries such as Libya with the closure of borders with neighboring countries being a major source of these services.

How ASAS was able to guide its clients through this crisis with minimal losses ?

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